Three Reasons To Upgrade The Carpet Padding In A Custom Home

Choosing the color of carpeting that you want in the bedrooms and common areas of your custom home can be an enjoyable process. If you have children, they'll likely have fun giving their input on their preferred carpet colors, too. While the color of your home's carpets will be important, you should also think about the padding that sits out of sight beneath the carpet. Your custom builder will likely ask whether you want your padding to be of a standard thickness or an upgraded thickness. The latter may cost you more, but it will provide these perks.

Better For Children's Play

Children spend a lot of time playing on their hands and knees, whether they're enjoying building toys, board games, sporting activities, or other such pastimes. While kids tend to be resilient about playing even past the point of sore bodies, you want your home to be comfortable for your little ones. Choosing to upgrade your carpet padding as your home is being built can go a long way toward supporting this future playtime comfort. The last thing that you want is for your children to have bruised knees because they're playing in the home so much.

Quieter For Walking

Carpeted floors tend to be quieter than hardwood floors when people walk across them, but some banging and vibration can still be possible in a carpeted area — especially if the person isn't a light stepper. When you upgrade your carpet padding to something thicker, it will be significantly quieter underfoot. This can be desirable in a number of ways. For example, a heavy-stepping child won't wake their younger sibling who may be napping. Or, if your children are playing vigorously upstairs, you won't be aware of every step if you're sitting in the room below.

Easier For Adults' Feet

If you're overweight or have a foot condition such as plantar fasciitis, you know how walking barefoot around your home can be painful — even when you're in a carpeted room. While you might try to wear supportive shoes or slippers as much as possible, they won't always be handy when you need them. This means that you might walk around in bare feet more than you'd like, risking foot discomfort. You'll easily be able to tell the difference between standard carpet padding and upgraded carpet padding. The latter offers significantly more cushioning under your feet, making barefoot walking less painful.

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