Planning To Include A Children's Playroom In Your Custom Home? Consider What It Can Eventually Become

If you have young children while you're building a custom home, one of the desirable additions that you might be contemplating is a playroom. A dedicated space for your children to play can be something that makes them hugely excited about moving into the new residence once construction is complete. While it can be difficult to look far into the future, you need to realize that your children will eventually grow up and no longer require the playroom. As such, you'll want to think now about how you plan to use this additional space. Knowing what will eventually become of the playroom can be advantageous as you plan it now. Here are some ideas to think about.

Spare Bedroom

It makes a lot of sense to turn a children's playroom into a spare bedroom once your kids grow up. If this idea is something that appeals to you, keep it in mind as you design the playroom. For example, you'll want it to be reasonably close to a bathroom, and you'll also want it spacious enough to accommodate a queen-sized bed and perhaps a dresser and a chair. While children might not care whether a playroom has a window or not, adding a window will be a good idea if you eventually plan to have visitors staying in this space.

Home Office

Another potential future use for a children's playroom is a home office. While it might be difficult to imagine how you and your spouse's careers might unfold over the next decade or so, you may also be positive that you'll want a home office. If you're leaning toward this future use, you may want to position the playroom in a part of the house that is out of the way. This will provide privacy for you and/or your spouse when you're eventually using the playroom as an office.


You might be a family that has significant storage needs — perhaps renting space at a local self-storage facility. One idea to consider is to turn your children's playroom into a storage room once they no longer need it. With this intended future use in mind, you can plan out the space as you design your custom home. For example, you might want it of a size that can accommodate a large shelving unit on one wall. You may also want to consider a wide entry to the room, rather than a standard door so that moving large items in and out of it in the future is easy.

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