Reasons To Hire A Professional Septic Inspection Before You Buy A House

A home purchase is a big investment and one in which you need to take possession of in good condition or at least know of its condition and any problems. The septic system in a home is an important system, and here are some reasons for you to hire a professional inspection.

Check the System's Condition

Before you buy a house, it is always a good idea to have its systems inspected, which includes its septic system. Your septic professional will be able to check the system's leach field drain pipes and the tank and its baffles into and out of the tank. When you tour through the home and look at its yard, you can look for common signs of a problem with the septic, such as a lush green lawn over the drain field site, sewage odor in the yard, or gurgling noise when you flush the toilet or rinse water down the drain.

When you hire a septic inspection, they will open the tank access hatch to check for any clogs in the system and look at the tank's capacity and condition. This will alert you to any damage in the tank's exterior or in its pipe connections. Your inspector can also run a video line down through the pipes from the home and into the tank. Having a visual inspection is a great way to make sure the system is in good condition.

Know the Tank Capacity

You may also want to hire a professional inspection on your septic system in order to verify the tank's capacity. This will help you determine a schedule in which you will need to hire your tank to be professionally pumped of its scum and sludge layers. The reason for this is because as your septic system collects waste from your home, sludge will sink to the bottom and scum will float to the top and the water should remain at a constant level inside the tank. However, over time as the waste builds up it lowers the tank's capacity to hold water and more solids and will need to be pumped.

Your septic professional will be able to tell you how many gallons your tank holds. And, depending on the size of your household and how much waste and water you will create, they will recommend it to be pumped, for example, every three to five years. However, regardless of your recommended pumping schedule you should have your septic professional inspect your tank each year to prevent clogs and other problems.

Negotiate Before the Sale

Once you have a good idea of the home's septic system, you can use this information to negotiate an adjustment on the property purchase price. For example, if the septic system tank is full and needs to be pumped, you can request the homeowner take care of it before the sale, or adjust the sales price to allow for you to handle it. If necessary, you should have a professional provide septic pumping services before you sign.