A Pole Mounted Transformer Is A Safer Transformer

If you will soon need to install one or more new transformers on your property, you will first need to find a good location for your new power equipment. Adding additional transformers to your property can help you stay powered up and online, but careful placement is key in order to prevent a safety hazard that could harm you, your employees, or your family and friends. Here are three advantages of installing your next transformer up on a pole instead of down on the ground.

Much More Difficult to Get Accidentally Zapped

Whether you have employees who will frequently be moving around in the area or you are just concerned about your kids going near a transformer on your personal property, a pole-mounted transformer can give you some piece of mind. By elevating the transformer high enough off the ground, you can allow people to get much closer to the affected area without worrying about someone accidentally walking into a power line or the transformer itself. You don't want to encourage people to go near the pole with the transformer, of course, but you can at least gain some peace of mind from knowing that it's off the ground.

You Won't Have to Cage Off a Large Piece of Property

Of course, one possible solution if you do install a transformer near the ground is to just cage or fence off that entire area of the property so that no one goes near it. But this comes with added expense and there's no guarantee that someone isn't going to accidentally walk into the restricted area anyway. Another benefit is that avoiding the need for a large security structure will leave more of your property open for other things like storing inventory or equipment.

Running Power Lines Becomes Much Easier

While the safety benefits of a pole-mounted transformer become quickly apparent, another key benefit is that once you have one pole-mounted transformer installed, adding additional transformers on your property the same way will become much easier. This is because all of the power lines will be run over your heads from one pole to the next. If you install a transformer near the ground, you are going to end up with a headache if you eventually discover the need to transfer power from the ground transformer to another location on your property.

Keep your property safe by sticking with pole-mounted transformers for your power needs. Contact a transformer company or contractor today for more information.