Why Commercial Plumbing Is More Complicated Than Residential Plumbing

If you're looking to have plumbing work done in your commercial building, you could be wondering why you have to go with a commercial plumber rather than calling the plumber who might do work in your home. You might have also been given higher quotes for the work than you have gotten when having residential plumbing work done, and you could be wondering why this is the case. Of course, commercial plumbing is a lot more complicated than residential plumbing, which is why you have to hire a commercial plumber who knows what he or she is doing and why you might have to spend more on plumbing work.

1. Commercial Plumbing Systems are Often More Complicated

Commercial plumbing systems are often more complicated in general than residential plumbing. Commercial buildings are often bigger, and there are often more plumbing pipes running throughout the building than there are in the average home. A residential plumber who might be pretty good at working on and installing plumbing in a home might not be qualified to handle plumbing in a commercial building, particularly if there are multiple bathrooms or other challenges to be dealt with.

2. Building Codes are Generally Different

In most places throughout the United States, there are building codes in place for both residences and commercial buildings. However, in many places, the building codes for commercial buildings are often stricter. You'll need a commercial plumber who understands and knows the building codes that are in place for commercial buildings. Unfortunately, even the best residential plumbers might not be fully aware of all of the commercial building codes that are in place in your area, which can cause you problems later on, such as when you attempt to get a permit or when there is an inspection done on your commercial building at some point after the plumbing work is done.

3. Special Tools Might Be Required

Your usual residential plumber might have a lot of tools that he or she uses when working on your household plumbing. However, believe it or not, commercial plumbers often have even more tools. This is because the pipes are often bigger with commercial plumbing systems, so tools of different sizes are often required. Plumbers often have to do different jobs in commercial settings, too, requiring different tools. If you don't hire a commercial plumber, then the plumber that you hire might not have the right equipment and tools for working on your plumbing.

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