Considering A Well An Septic Tank For Your New Property? What To Know

When you are building a property the city should be able to give you an estimate of the cost to hook up to water and sewer when you give them the location of the property. If you think you you're your own septic and well, so you aren't reliant on the city, there are things to know. When you are adding in a well and a septic tank, there are a lot of things that can affect the costs. These are some of the things you want to do to get an accurate cost for the system you want.

Get the Land Surveyed

A land survey has to be completed to test the type soil throughout the property, the depth of types of soil and sand, and to see how the property is graded. Once the land is professional surveyed you will want to keep this so you can give it to the proper contractors who will install the septic system. They will then take the samples and let you know what type of water well you will need.

Talk with the Drilling Contractors

Have a drilling contractor come to the property next, and ask the following questions when you get an estimate:

  • Where will the septic tank and well need to go
  • How much will the systems cost
  • What grading and soil problems will there be
  • What are the best septic tank material options
  • What will be the water quality

You want to know everything about the system you want to put in before you do so, and before you pay to have full septic and well systems installed.

Ask about Solar Well Options

Solar powered wells are something that are possible, if you want to be as ecological as possible with your energy needs in the new house. This is a great way to have the use of your well even when the power goes out. The power chamber will charge throughout the day when UV rays are strong.

The maintenance on having your own well and septic system can be more involved than if you were hooked up with the city lines, but you should be able to save money over time with your utility costs. Talk with drilling contractors, such as at Bohs Well Drilling Inc, to see how much it's going to cost for you to get the size of the well and tank that you need, and know where everything will go.