How A Sewer Camera Helps With Roots In Your Sewer Drain

Sewer cameras make it easier to tell what's going on in a plumbing pipe. The camera lights up the pipe as it advances so clogs and cracks can be seen on a monitor. This inspection is helpful when you suspect tree roots are getting inside a sewer line. Here's how you can use a sewer camera to get a tree root problem under control.

Find Out How Many Roots Are Present

If tree roots are in the pipe, the camera might see a few of them growing through a seam, or the pipe might be packed full of roots that block everything except water. Knowing the extent of the problems helps the plumber decide on the best way to get rid of the roots. Chopping through them with a snake might not be enough to get rid of roots clinging to the sides of the pipe. Your plumber might consider using a hydro jet to get rid of all traces of the roots.

See If They've Damaged The Pipe

Tree roots make gaps and cracks in pipes worse. The problem starts when a seam in a pipe works loose due to soil shifting or when a pipe cracks due to old age. A slight crack leaks water and nutrients into the soil, which attracts the roots. When roots burrow through the crack, they put pressure on it, which causes it to widen. That can cause serious problems with the sewer pipe. Repairs may be needed on the pipe or the pipe might not be strong enough or in good enough shape for a hydro jet.

Locate The Problem Area

A sewer camera doubles as a locator. It sends a signal to the surface of your yard that is detected by a receiver so its location can be marked. This lets the plumber know where to start digging if he or she is going to attempt spot repairs. The video from the camera also helps the plumber know what the pipe is made of, which might play a role in determining what type of repairs are best. Knowing the location of the roots also helps if you want to kill or block the roots on the outside of the pipe.

By using a video camera in your sewer, a plumber knows the material the pipe is made from, its condition, the extent of root invasion, and the location of the problem. This information allows for targeted repairs rather than digging randomly in your yard to look for trouble or sending a hydro jet in when it could do damage.

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