Want To Prolong The Life Of Your Shingled Roof? Do These 3 Things

First manufactured more than a century ago, asphalt shingles quickly gained popularity among homeowners and builders alike, due to their durable surface and ability to withstand the rigors of heat and cold. Modern versions of this roofing product are now manufactured of composite materials and can offer lifespans decades longer than the original ones. But even a product as durable as the roofing shingle can still benefit from some basic care to keep them strong and leak-free, even in areas where seasonal temperatures are extreme. If you are a homeowner who would like to ensure that your roof's shingles will last as long as possible, here are three suggestions to help. 

Clean the roof regularly

Pollen, dust, sand, tree sap, ash from wildfires, bird droppings, and many other substances can accumulate on the roofs of homes and businesses. While rain will help to remove these deposits, it may not be sufficient to keep the roof clean and over time, a buildup of these substances can occur. When this happens, damage to the roofing shingles, including staining, buckling, or cracking can occur, especially if the deposits begin to decay. 

Cleaning the roof annually will help to prevent any damage to the roof and keep it looking its best. Homeowners can use a water hose, broom, shop vacuum, or air hose to clean their roof. If the roof is steep, or the homeowner lacks the time or tools to safely clean their roof, hiring a roofing contractor to do so is a good plan. 

Inspect for damage 

Spotting damage quickly is an important part of prolonging the life of a shingled roof. Homeowners can do this easily from the ground or from an upper level window that allows them to easily view the roof. Cracked, broken, curled, or missing shingles should be repaired immediately to prevent leaks and further damage from occurring. 

Make repairs promptly

Putting off a roofing repair is the surest way to end up with additional roof damage and leaks to the interior of the home. Instead of putting seemingly minor repairs off, homeowners should always schedule repairs immediately whenever an issue is noted. If an immediate repair is not possible, applying a durable, waterproof tarp to the damaged area will help to limit the damage and keep the interior of the home free of leaks until the repair can be made. 

For more information about shingled roof care or to schedule a time for a professional inspection, homeowners should contact a reputable roofing contractor in their area or go to websites like this one.