3 Helpful Maintenance Tips For Water Well Pump Systems

If you have a well on your property, an integral part that keeps it working smoothly is the water pump. It's what delivers water through the entire system, so you have water for all of your daily activities. So that it works effectively for as long as possible, you need to take care of it in the following ways. 

Monitor Significant Changes

Often times, the best way to identify a faulty pump is to monitor any significant changes that occur with the system. For example, if the pumping rate has substantially decreased over time, a major problem exists. There may be a clog present or integral parts of the pump may have corroded prematurely. 

Other changes to monitor regularly include decreased well depth, lower water levels, increased sand content in the water, and decreased specific capacity. Fixing these problems may be as simple as applying specialized chemicals to dissolve the buildup or could require professional well cleaning. 

Conduct Professional Tests 

If any significant changes are present with your water well pump's performance, the next course of action is to have your system tested professionally. Two tests are generally required: a flow test and a water test. The flow test calculates the output of your well system. If the levels are below normal, reports are made along with solutions that effectively restore your pump back to normal operation.

Water tests are done to check for signs of contamination that may be responsible for blockage, thus preventing water from working its way through pump systems. Like flow tests, water reports are provided at the end. 

Hire Contractors for Repair

If repairs are in order for the pump system, it's essential to hire contractors who have in-depth experience working with such systems. They have many effective methods for repairing these complex pump systems. For pumps that randomly stop working, the culprit may be an electrical issue. Contractors will inspect nearby wiring and replace damaged electrical components, such as fuses, if need be.

Or, the problem may lie with the water pressure switch. When it malfunctions, the water pressure may be too low to where no water goes through the pump system. In this case, the switch will be replaced safely. Pump contractors can also inspect important parts for clogs, such as pipes, the strainer, and foot valve. 

When water well pumps are not able to work correctly, the entire household is affected. Make sure this isn't a chronic issue by inspecting pump parts/systems and having them professionally replaced when they stop working at an optimal rate. Contact a service, like Coast Water Well Service Inc, for more help.