2 Tips For Preventing Damage To Your Roof After An Ice Storm

If an ice storm has passed through your area, you may worry about possible damage to your home's roof. If so, use the following tips to help prevent damage to your roof after an ice storm passes through.

Knock Off Icicles

Once the storm has passed, walk around the outside of your home to see if any icicles are hanging from your roof or gutters. If you find any, it is important that you knock them off, even if you believe they are small enough that the sun will melt them. Although the icicles may seem harmless, they can do a lot of damage to your roof.

After the warmth of the sun starts to melt the ice on the roof, the water will trickle down to the icicles. Once the water hits the cold ice, it can refreeze, adding to the size of the icicle. As the size of the ice increases so does the weight. Eventually, an icicle could break off, taking parts of the roof with it.

Another problem with icicles is they can contribute to the formation of ice dams. If enough icicles are located close together, the tops of them form a sheet of ice on the edges of your roof.

Because this sheet of ice stops the water and refreezes it, an ice dam is formed that stops the flow of water off of the roof. If the water puddles and freezes, it could break your shingles apart.

Create Water Channels If Ice Dams Form

Even if you try to stay diligent about removing the icicles, you may find that an ice dam has formed. If this does happen, do not try to break apart the entire dam. Doing so could cause damage to your roof since the attached ice pieces could rip up the shingles.

Instead of breaking the entire dam, create several channels to allow water to flow through the dam. You can do this by using a hammer to chip away the ice until space is created that is low enough to let the water come through. However, since the water may refreeze overnight, you may need to do this every day until the ice dams melt completely.

Using the above tips can help you keep your roof from damage during an ice storm. However, if you find you have a leak or suspect that areas of your roof were damaged during the storm, contact a roofing contractor to schedule an inspection so they can see whether or not your roof is in need of repairs. To learn more, contact a company like Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc