2 Creative Ways To Manage Snow On Your Gravel Driveway

In places that get a lot of snowfall, keeping snow off of your driveway is an almost daily exercise task. If you want to make cleaning up the snow on your gravel driveway a little easier, and you have some extra money to invest in this task, you can use snow-melting mats or radiant floor heating to melt away all that snow on your gravel driveway.

Put Down Snow Melting Mats

A great way to clear snow from your driveway is with snow melting mats. For your driveway, you'll want to purchase industrial snow melting mats instead of residential snow melting mats. Residential snow melting mats are not designed to be driven on; the pressure of your vehicle will damage the mats.

It will take a few industrial-sized mats to cover your driveway, even if it is on the smaller size. You can hook-up one industrial mat into the other, allowing you to only use one power outlet for the entire set of industrial-sized snow melting mats.

Industrial snow melting mats can be equipped with a thermostat and snow sensor so that they turn on and off automatically. If you are trying to save a little money, you can also just turn your industrial snow melting mat on and off manually with a clicker device, similar to the one you use to turn on your vehicle.

You can put snow melting mats right over the top of your gravel driveway and drive over them. You can enjoy a nice, snow and ice free surface. This can be an investment, but you can use the mats for years to clear your driveway in the winter.

Add Radiant Heating To Your Driveway

Radiant heating does not have to be confined to your home. It can also be used on your gravel driveway! Radiant heating works best if you install it first before you put down your gravel driveway.

Radiant heat uses a system of pipes to release heat. The heat moves from the ground upwards. In a home, radiant heat is put under your floor and heats your home up from the ground upwards. On your driveway, radiant heating is placed under gravel or cement and helps to heat up the ground to naturally melt away snow and ice. It takes much of the effort out of clearing your driveway of snow and ice in the winter.

Just make sure to have a good drainage system in place, so all that melted snow and ice has somewhere to go.

If you have some extra money to invest, you can use industrial mats or install a radiant heating system under your driveway to make the snowy season a little more bearable.