Working On The Chain, Gang! Garage Door Chain Repairs You Can Do

Many garage doors operate on a chain and pulley system. In fact, they rely on their chains to operate, especially when the chains are connected to a garage door opener. If your garage is having problems opening and closing, you may need some garage door repairs that involve the chain. Get your "gang" together and start working on these chain repairs:

Oil the Chain

Garage door chains can become old and rusty, just like everything else metal. Use a metal lubricant and oil the chain to loosen it up.

To do this correctly, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Close the garage door to expose the chain.
  2. Climb up on a ladder to do this job. You will need to move the ladder a couple of times to get the job done.
  3. With a metal spray lube in one hand and a shop towel in the other, liberally spray the section of visible chain in front of you. DO NOT spray or reach farther than the ladder will allow!
  4. Use the shop towel to wipe and rub the lubricant into the small spaces of the chain.
  5. Move the ladder down and work another section of the chain. Make sure you know where you left off so that all of the chain is lubricated.
  6. Test the door by opening and closing it a few times. If it still sticks, chances are that it is the section of chain you cannot reach or get to when the door is open. Hire a garage door repair technician to lube his last section of chain for you.

You did most of the work for this project, which means you will save money if you have to hire a repair technician to lube the rest of the chain.

Check for Tautness

A garage door chain only works well when it is consistently taut. You should be able to pull it slightly but have it immediately spring back into place. If it is loose, the garage door will not remain in the upright/open position.

  1. Have one of your "gang" hold the garage door up/open and not let go.
  2. Tighten the chain inside the garage door opener, which is the only way you can access the chain when the door is open.
  3. Check the chain for tautness again, and then have your helper(s) let go of the door.

It should remain in its position without budging. Click for more information on repairing your garage door chains.