Walking On Ice: How To Change Your Old, Icy Cold Floors

For anyone that grew up in an old house with wood floors, you know exactly what it feels like to wake up on a winter's morning and put your feet on that bare floor. It was like walking on a sheet of ice, was it not? If you did not use several rugs to get from your bed to the bathroom, you had to use socks or slippers to tolerate the cold floors. Nowadays, you can transform those old, icy floors into something quite comfortable and beneficial.

Radiant Floor Heating

Initially, when radiant floor heating was invented, it was installed mainly under bathroom floors. People liked the idea of stepping out of a hot shower and placing their feet on a warm floor rather than a cold one. The radiant coils of this under-floor heating system could be installed under wood or tile floor. It still can be installed under these types of flooring, which is why it has advanced to the point where it is installed in bedroom floors, too.

The Installation Process

If you choose to have the radiant floor installed in your bedrooms and under a wood floor, the wood floor has to be pried up first. Then the sheets of radiant floor coils are installed and wired to a switch that lets you control how hot or warm (not cool!) you want the floors to be. The wood floor is reinstalled over the heating coils and you are all set.

The Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

Besides making your wood and tile floors toasty warm on a cold winter's day, radiant floor heating has some other benefits worth mentioning. Because heat travels upward, the heat produced through the floors makes its way up to where you are in bed or in the bathroom. The heat continues to radiate upward for as long as you have the flooring turned on. As such, it decreases the need to crank your furnace to keep your home warm, thereby reducing your energy bill as well. While you should never use radiant floor heating as a substitute for central heating systems, it can act as a backup heating system should your furnace fail and need emergency repairs.

Request an Estimate

You can request an estimate from a flooring contractor that sells radiant floor heating. Point out the rooms wherein you would like to install the heating coil sheets. The contractor will measure and estimate what it will cost per each room and for all the rooms total.

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