Four Times When You Need To Get Your Automatic Doors Inspected For Hidden Damage

Automatic doors can be a joy to use if you have your hands full, but the fact that they're automatic means that there are more parts that can break down. Sometimes the cause is not so obvious and the damage that led to the breakdown is hidden. Luckily, you're not limited to just waiting until something either breaks down or is discovered during other maintenance work. There are specific times when you should have the doors inspected.

Weather Events

Automatic doors are usually well-shielded from the weather, but occasionally you can have a severe weather event that reaches the doors. Street flooding, for example, that reaches the doors over the sidewalk, or extreme heat or hail blown nearly sideways in a strong storm. If you've had a strange weather event that doesn't normally occur, and the doors were exposed, it's best to have the doors checked out.

Security Video Footage

Any time you find that someone tried to get in through the doors after hours, or if you see security footage of someone messing with the doors, have the doors inspected even if you don't see obvious damage. If you can't tell exactly what the people on the video did, don't take a chance. They could have placed something on the doors that would prevent them from locking completely after hours, for example.

Periodic Maintenance

This one should go without saying, but you do need to have the doors examined for absoutely no other reason than regular maintenance. Even if nothing has gone wrong with them or any other part of your property, have a repair company look the doors over to ensure they are not showing signs of a potential future breakdown. It's so easy to ignore the doors when they're working well, only to find that suddenly they're not working so well. If you have them inspected periodically just to see how they're doing, you can spot signs of possible future problems when those problems are still tiny.

Energy Conservation Issues

If you've noticed a sudden jump in your building's utility bills, and there has been no corresponding event that might explain the jump, having the doors checked would be a good idea. When those doors close, they should close relatively tightly so that cooled air doesn't escape in summer and warm air doesn't escape in winter. However, if the doors aren't closing completely, that can let the cooled/warmed air out. Your building's HVAC system would then have to work harder, increasing your bills.

Doors usually aren't a worry; with proper maintenance, you should be able to keep them in great shape. Inspecting them is simply a way to prevent problems from really affecting your life. Contact a door service, like Crawford Door Sales Of Nevada Ltd, for more help.