AC Not Working Right? 4 Steps You Can Try To Cool Things Down

If your air conditioner isn't keeping you as cool this summer as you'd like it to, it might be in need of some tender loving care. Your air conditioner sits dormant all winter long. During that time, it can collect a lot of dirt and debris that will prevent it from working properly. Before you call the repair technician, here are a few steps you can try to cool things down:

Vacuum the Vents

Look at your vent covers. If they're dirty, that could be a sign that your vents are preventing cool air from blowing through to your rooms. Remove the covers and use your vacuum to clean out the vents. Use your vacuum extension pole to make sure you can reach deep inside the vents. While you're vacuuming the vents out, let your covers soak in a sink full of warm, sudsy water. Once you've cleaned your vents, you can replace your clean covers. Not only will clean vents improve your air flow, your home will smell better too. That's because all the dust and dander will be out of your vents.

Give Your Air Conditioner Some Breathing Room

During the winter, the area around your air conditioning unit can fill up with a lot of debris, including weeds. Unfortunately, your air conditioner needs plenty of space to pull air through to your home. If your air conditioner is blocked in with debris, it won't be able to keep your home cool. To protect your air conditioner, and keep your home cool, clear away the debris. Get rid of the weeds, and anything else that might be preventing your air conditioner from pulling in the fresh air it needs.

Get the Algae Out of the Tube

You might not realize this, but your air conditioner creates a lot of moisture while it's cooling your home. The excess moisture drains through a condensation tube. If that tube is clogged or filled with algae, your air conditioner won't work properly. Not only that, but your home will start smelling like algae. To prevent that from happening, clean your condensation tube at least once every summer. Remove the tube from your air conditioning unit, and pour a small amount of bleach inside it. Use a pipe cleaner to scrub the inside of the condensation tube, and then reattach it to your air conditioning unit.

Remove the Coat of Dirt

If the coils on your air conditioner are dirty, your home isn't going to get as cool as it should. Dirty coils are like putting a heavy coat on your air conditioner. Take the coat of dirt off, and your air conditioner will work much better. To do that, all you need to do is put a high-pressure garden nozzle on your hose, and rinse the coils inside and out. Rinse your coils until the water runs clear. 

Don't deal with the summer heat. Use the tips provided here to get your air conditioner cranking cool air again. Contact a company like Nathan's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for more information and assistance.