Well Water Look Or Smell? 2 Possible Reasons Why So You Can Get It Back To Normal

If you get a glass of water from your faucet and it does not look or smell like it normally does, then there is something wrong. Before you continue drinking or using the water for dishes, showers, baths, etc., you need to determine the cause. Below is some more information about this so you can get your water back to normal again.

Water is Green or Yellow

If you notice that your water has a greenish or yellowish tint to it, there may be iron oxidizing in the well water. This will happen if there is a lot of iron in the soil the well draws water from. Another problem that could cause this is there may be tannic acid in the water. This is especially true if there is a swamp near the well, as tannic acid comes from decaying vegetation.

There is a test that you can do to determine if there is iron or tannic acid in the water. Turn on one faucet in your home and let the water run for approximately 15 minutes. After this time, fill up a white bucket with the water. If the water is colored when it first comes out then the problem is with tannic acid. If you notice that the water starts out clear but then changes to green or yellow then there is iron in the water.

Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

If your water smells like rotten eggs, then there is likely hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas in your water. You likely only smell this odor when you first turn on your water and then the smell goes away. This is because the gas dissipates a few seconds after it hits the air. Heat can cause the odor to be much stronger as the steam from the heat forces the H2S into the air, such as when you take a hot shower.

One way to determine if you have this problem is to fill up a glass with water from a faucet. Instantly smell the water to ensure it has this smell, and then smell the water again in approximately 15 to 20 seconds. If the water smells normal the second time, then you likely have H2S in your water. If you want to be sure, you can have your water tested.

To get your water smelling and tasting normal again contact a well drilling company. They can install a venting system on the water tank. This system filters out contaminants, such as H2S from your water before it goes through your faucet.

Your well drilling installation company, like J. A. Schwall Well & Pump Service Inc, can give you much more information about this.