Refurbishing Your Home And Reinvigorating Its Look - Options In Carpet Installation

One of the best ways to breathe a little life into a living area that may feel like it's gone stale is to consider new flooring options. Whether you're dealing with a previously carpeted space or an area whose characteristics are about to change, new carpet can provide the perfect balance between fashion and comfort.

If you aren't regularly involved in renovations, however, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of carpet options suddenly available to you. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those options that should help provide you with the information you need to receive the new look and feel you desire.


If you like the look of large loops of fabric that may seem to make your carpet appear to almost be billowing up from the floor, berber can be an excellent selection. Though it may be vulnerable to damage if your home has pets, it's otherwise resilient enough to stand up to everyday usage.

Though berber can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors, it's most commonly seen in earth tones. Most berber carpet also includes flecks of color interspersed throughout the pattern to help bring out a vibrant textured appearance that can blend in seamlessly with your chosen decor.


For spaces with a more formal appearance or where you're looking for extremely lush results, saxony may be the correct choice. The fibers in the carpet are packed incredibly tight, and that density creates a soft finish that should provide you with a great deal of support under foot.

Saxony carpet may not be a great choice for particularly high traffic areas, as it does tend to absorb impressions such as footprints fairly easily. However, that absorption is what makes it such an attractive option, as it also returns quickly to its best possible state after vacuuming and can stand as a fantastic testament to your desire to showcase your home.

Carpet Tiles

Perhaps the most utilitarian of carpeting options, carpet tiles are great for spaces that might take a good amount of abuse. A utility room, child's play room, or even a bathroom may be a good spot for carpet tiles, as they're rugged and easy to install. That ease of installation also makes for relative ease in replacement, so if hard use causes damage to your carpet tiles, your carpet installation service should be able to perform a quick repair to bring them back up to speed.