Three Reasons to Use a Frameless Shower Enclosure

Bathroom remodels, or even new home construction involve making a choice about bathroom ideas, including shower enclosures. Sleek, modern bathroom designs, are beautifully enhanced when there aren't any frames, or metal brackets outlining your shower. Here are three reasons why frameless shower doors and shower enclosures are so appealing.

Sleek, Modern Design

One primary reason remodeling experts and bathroom designers are so enamored with frameless shower enclosures are because of what they do not have. There aren't any metal frames to detract from the eloquent beauty and artistic flow of a bathroom design.

The number of ideas for bathroom plans is extensive. Wall placement, textures, artwork, and shape of the room are just a few of the things designers consider when planning the perfect bathroom. Since there is no frame, the dimensions of your shower aren't restricted to a factory preset size. This allows custom bathroom designers an endless array of shower shapes and sizes.

The visual perspective of the room is altered by a framed structure that draws your eye away from what's important. Without a frame to break up the room, frameless shower enclosures and doors blend seamlessly into the rest of the bathroom décor.

Easy to Clean

Without seams, screws and a metal frame around the walls and doors, frameless shower enclosures are much easier to keep clean. You can make your shower enclosure essentially invisible with a bottle of glass cleaner or vinegar solution and a few paper towels.

Framed shower enclosures require a metal cleaner to maintain the luster of the frame, so you'll also need more cleaning products stashed under your sink. Cleaning a frameless shower enclosure is as simple as cleaning a window.


No matter how hard you try, metal shower frames will eventually corrode. As they corrode, fasteners and brackets weaken and your if made from glass, you shower enclosure can actually become a potential hazard. Since there is no frame to rust and corrode, frameless shower doors could essentially last forever.

If you don't stick to a rigorous cleaning schedule, framed doors will also become discolored even faster. The creases and seams are perfect places for mold and mildew to gain a foothold, so it will take a lot more time and effort to clean these old-fashioned shower enclosures.

Whether you're in the planning process for a new home, or considering a bathroom remodel, frameless shower enclosures should be on your list of ideas. They blend so eloquently with modern designs, are as simple to maintain as cleaning a window, and will long outlast a conventional framed shower box. Check out sites like to browse your options.