What To Do When You Love The Home But The Kitchen Is Too Small

Did you recently locate your dream home but find the size of the kitchen disappointing? Many home buyers find properties that are ideal in all but one or a few ways. Some choose to keep shopping, but if you have found exactly what you want and only have qualms with the size of the kitchen, you might need to consider a few things.


Perhaps it is possible to remodel the kitchen and make it bigger. This would involve hiring a remodeling contractor to expand the area. Keep in mind that if you have this type of plan, you need to make sure it will be legally possible. The investment in expanding is something that some people can afford upfront. However, you could plan a future renovation when you get more equity in the home or save up for the remodeling project. Another option for renovation is to work within space as is and make home improvements to free up more space.


If appliances are of major importance in your kitchen, you will first need to first determine which ones are a must and where they will be located. If you start making improvements before considering placement of appliances, you might end up running out of space for the appliances or still have a cramped kitchen.


If the cabinets in the kitchen are made with doors on them, consider getting the doors removed and opt for drawer-style cabinets. This is because doors have to swing open and can make the kitchen space feel more cramped. If your budget allows, you could replace the existing cabinets with a style that is not as bulky and has drawers. Reserve cabinets with doors for upper cabinets rather than the lower cabinets to ensure adequate walkthrough space.


If you need more storage space for kitchen items, adding shelves is an expensive storage method. Shelving can accommodate a number of kitchen items such as cookbooks and dishes, and some are sturdy enough to accommodate appliances such as microwaves. Mounting your microwave on the wall or a shelf will free up counter space.

Breakfast Bars

This is an ideal alternative to a dining table in the kitchen especially if the home features a dining room area that is separate from the kitchen. A breakfast bar will allow you to have a compact eating area in the kitchen whereas a dining table will take up more floor space.

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