Four Reasons Why You Need Contractors To Put In Your Swimming Pool And Spa

Putting in an in-ground swimming pool and spa (jacuzzi) is not as simple as it seems. This is especially true if you are putting in feeder lines to fill and drain these outdoor waterholes. Here are some more reasons why you need to hire a swimming pool and spa contractor for this project.

The Contractor Locates Utility Lines to Avoid

Because you are dropping some large items into the ground, you will need to excavate it. Since most homeowners cannot operate an excavator and do not know where to drop all of the extra dirt, you need a contractor. The contractor will also locate all of your pipes for water and natural gas and buried electrical and phone lines too so that the crew does not dig down and dig through these lines causing thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs.

The Contractor Can Pre-install All of your Water Line Feeds for the Pool/Spa

You are not a plumber (at least, most homeowners are not). As such, you will need a plumbing contractor (at the very least!) to install all of the necessary plumbing underground to feed water into your pool and spa tub. If you also want drain lines, the contractor installs those for you too. All of these pipes have to be installed and connected before the pool and spa even go into the ground. There is no reasonable way to install the water feed lines and/or drain lines after you already have the pool and spa in the ground.

The Contractor Can Also Install Pool and Spa Lighting

Some people like to go for a night swim or sit in the hot tub after a long day at work. Others just want safety lighting on the pool and spa at night. Electrical works and water are dangerous things to mess with if you do not know how to do them. The contractor can install your pool and/or spa lighting along with the rest of the equipment during the installation of the plumbing and the pool and spa liners. This ensures that your lighting is intact, functional and will not electrocute you the first time you jump into the pool or the spa tub.

You Want the Job Done Right

When you have any doubts at all that you cannot take on a project of this magnitude, and you want the project done right, hire a contractor. Good swimming pool contractors make sure everything is done in the correct order and checked for functionality before proceeding to the next step of construction. You can be guaranteed of the installation and usability of your pool and jacuzzi spa from the moment your contractor finishes the job.