Improve The Value Of A Home By Installing These Bathroom Accessories In The Master Bath

The master bathroom is a relatively small room, but it has a significant impact on a home's sale value. According to Trulia, the master bathroom is one of the two rooms that adds the most value to a home. (The kitchen is the other.) If you're a homebuilder, increase the value of the homes you construct by making their master bathrooms nicer with these five bathroom accessories.

A Double Sink

Putting a double sink in a bathroom lets couples get ready for the day at the same time. As Houzz explains, couples are busy these days, and they often need to access the bathroom at the same time.

Houzz notes that there are downsides to installing two sinks in a bathroom. Namely, adding an extra sink requires some additional plumbing and space. When remodeling an existing home, replumbing the master bathroom can be pricey, and fitting a double sink into a bathroom that originally had only one might require some creativity. If you're building new homes, though, it should be fairly easy to set up the plumbing for and plan on having enough space for a double sink.

A Sauna

A Sauna is a bathroom accessory that many people enjoy. Not only are warm saunas a nice place to relax, but they also have a variety of benefits. Finnleo Pure Sauna says that saunas can help relieve stress, relax muscles, ease aches and pains in joints and muscles, flush toxins, and cleanse skin. They can even induce a deeper sleep, improve cardiovascular performance and help burn calories, according to the site.

Installing saunas in the master bathrooms of houses you build will not only make your homes' bathrooms more attractive to homebuyers, but they'll also set your homes apart. Saunas aren't standard bathroom accessories, so not every home on the market will have one.

If there isn't enough room for a traditional bathtub, a double sink and a sauna, consider putting in a double sink and sauna, and installing a shower instead of a bathtub. A shower will take up less space than a full-size tub. To compensate for the loss of a place to soak in warm water, you can put a hot tub, which is even nicer than a bathtub, in another room.

Built-In Dispensers

Regardless of whether you install a shower or bathtub in a master bathroom, put built-in dispensers for soap, shampoo and conditioner in the shower or tub. By adding dispensers, you'll give home buyers a place to put the various cleansers they use so they don't need to keep bottles of products in their shower or bath. This will both free up a little room and ensure ugly bottles don't detract from the shower's or bath's beauty.

A Towel Warmer

Towel warmers aren't common in homes, so they add a sense of luxury to a house. Best of all, they're easy to install. There are both freestanding and wall-mounted units. You can either put one up on a wall or design a little corner next to the shower and sauna where a freestanding unit will fit nicely.

A Heat Lamp

With these three bathroom accessories, home buyers who purchase the homes you build will likely be spending some time in the houses' master baths. Putting in a heat lamp will ensure that home buyers are comfortable whether they're standing in front of the sink or in the shower. The heat lamp will provide a little extra warmth to the entire room.

Putting these accessories in master bathrooms may increase your building costs and time a little, but they'll pay off when it comes time to sell the homes you construct. They'll make your houses stand out so that home buyers are more interested in buying them. Contact a plumbing company like Central Plumbing Specialties to get started on the more complex installations.