Think You Can't Afford A Better Roof? Composition Shingles Say "Think Again!"

If your roof is getting on in years, it may be time to consider replacing it with a new composition roof. Though you may feel used to coping with your home's leaks and drafts, you'll be surprised by how much your quality of life improves without them. However, if your budget is what's concerning you, don't fret—composition roofing is not only durable, but it is also the most affordable roofing material available.

What Are Composition Shingles?

Not to be confused with composite shingles, which can be made with plastics and resins, composition shingles are perhaps the most traditional roofing option available. At their core is a flexible and tough piece of fiberglass, which is coated with asphalt and chunks of rock to protect it from harsh weather conditions. Some companies use recycled materials in the making of their shingles, but you'll need to ask your roofing expert to find out what the eco-friendly options are for your area.

The width, height, and thickness of a shingle depends entirely on the manufacturer. However, sizing is generally not a problem for most homeowners, since roofing materials are priced per square foot or per hundred square feet and not per-shingle.

Composition shingles are typically available in a wide range of colors and styles, from varied earth tones to bright pinks, blues, or greens. Brightly colored shingles may fade over time, while darker shades retain their color despite constant weathering. Many manufacturers also offer a selection of different-colored crushed stones to coat the outside of the shingles, which can help you give your roof the perfect twinkle.

What Benefits Does A Composition Roof Offer?

With baseline maintenance, a composition roof will last you at least 15 years. However, with regular roof checkups and washing, composition shingles can go for as long as 30 years without needing to be replaced. With the majority of homeowners living in the same house for less than 20 years, you may not even need to have the roof replaced during your time at your current home. 

Due to their low cost and small size, composition shingles can still benefit you even if you do end up needing to have your roof repaired. Individual damaged shingles are much easier to replace than sections of ruined metal or wood roofing. And the low price of individual composition shingles means you won't take a big hit in your wallet if disaster strikes. Best of all, because composition shingles cover  around 80% of homes in the US, they are one of the most widely available roofing materials.

How Much Does A Composition Roof Cost?

Composition roofs are widely popular, due in no small part to their budget-friendly price tag. Customers can expect to pay around $50 per hundred square feet of composition shingles, which is up to three times less than they might pay for the same amount of cedar shingles. While the cost of shingles won't be the only thing to factor into your roofing budget, it does play a substantial role in your final total, so cutting it significantly can help you keep money in your pocket.

Estimating the costs of having a new roof installed can be tricky since there are many factors that can raise the price. Is your roof "traditionally" shaped - that is, with a peak in the middle and two slopes on either side? If so, your costs will be lower than if you had a more unconventional roof. The severity of the slope of your roof will also factor into the costs, as placing shingles on sharply sloped roofs is more difficult.

You don't have to put up with a leaky or drafty roof anymore. Even if you have a tight budget, composition shingles can provide an ideal roofing material to replace your worn out roof and breathe new life into your home. Talk to your local roofing expert and you might be pleasantly surprised by the options you have.