Important Ways To Prepare For Window Replacement

As you're getting ready to replace your home windows, there are numerous things you may need to do. There are also decisions to be made and preparations to think about, and here are some of the things you will need to think out before the project begins.

Initial Steps

The first couple of steps involve choosing your windows and determining how you will pay for the project. There are many types of windows to choose from, and you can compare them based on looks, prices and efficiency ratings. Some of the options you have include:

  • Casements – these windows open from one side or the other with a crank.
  • Double-hung – these windows slide open from the bottom up, or from the top down.
  • Bay windows – these are stationary windows that stick out from the house and do not open up.

As you select windows, keep in mind that certain types will be easier to replace than others. For example, if you keep the same sizes of windows and decide to only replace the glass in the frames, you will save a lot of money and the job will be easier.

On the other hand, if you decide to get rid of the frames, trim, and moldings so you can replace all parts of the windows, it will cost more and will be more work. It will also cost more if you would like to change the sizes of any of your windows.

Another thing to consider at this time is whether you would like other work done at the same time. When you replace your windows, it is also a great time to consider replacing your home's:

  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Roof
  • Window trim, shutters, and other window decorations

Keep in mind that you will have to pay the company for the work, and they might require a partial payment upfront. If you need to get a loan for the job, make sure you take care of this as soon as possible.

Ways to Prepare Your House

As soon as you have the decision made and the money in hand, you can schedule the job. When you do this, be sure to ask the company the following questions:

  • How many days will this take?
  • Will you work on consecutive days until the job is complete?
  • Will you dispose of the old windows and materials?
  • Are there things that should be done before you arrive?

Many window companies will take the old windows with them, and this is nice because you will not have to spend money on a dumpster. They will also expect you to prepare the house for them before they arrive. You can do this by:

  1. Removing window treatments – You must remove all the blinds and curtains from every window. You should also remove the rods from curtains and any parts that you want to reuse.
  2. Taking down security sensors – If your home has a security system, your windows will probably have sensors on them. You may need to call the security company to have these removed, or you may be able to do it yourself.
  3. Moving furniture – It's also important to move any furniture or decorations that might be near the windows. The window company will need easy access to every window, and it's helpful if the rooms are rearranged before they arrive.

You can ask the window company for a schedule for your house. With this, you could move things out of the way one room at a time. After they are finished in one room, you could place the things back where they belong.

Before you move everything back, you should expect to have some cleanup work. While most window companies will clean up the big things as they work, there may be dust and dirt that you will need to vacuum or sweep up.

Getting new windows is a great way to improve the efficiency of your home and new windows look great, but window replacement is a big job. By preparing with these tips, your project may run smoother and faster. If you would like information about window replacement or other related services, contact a window company. Check out sites like to get started.