Pest Control: 4 Reasons Why The Cockroaches Keep Coming Back

Cockroaches, along with damaging your property and contaminating your food, can also carry serious diseases, making them particularly dangerous to you and your family.  In order to get rid of these creatures, it is essential to know why these insects keep coming back and what actions you should take to eliminate them for good.  

#1 Attraction- Food To Feast On

Cockroaches are especially attracted to the smell of any type of food, including pet food.  If you usually leave food out, or forget to regularly sweep small crumbs from off the floor, they will be naturally drawn to your house over others.

Action:  In order to keep the roaches away, you should:

  • make sure that all of your food containers are sealed tightly
  • do not leave food out overnight
  • try to wash your dishes before you go to bed every night
  • sweep and mop periodically to remove any sticky substances that a broom might have missed
  • take out the trash regularly to eliminate any smells that might entice the roaches to enter your home
  • remove all grease that is on or around your stove top (cockroaches are especially attracted to grease)
  • wipe off counters and inside cupboards

Attraction #2- Damp Or Wet Places

Another thing that will attract the roaches to your home is water.  Although cockroaches love food, they can survive for 3 months without food, but only 1 month without water.

Action:  Knowing that cockroaches are especially attracted to water can help you to understand the importance of ridding your house of any and all water sources.  To do this be sure to:

  • fix any leaks
  • clean up water or juice spills right away
  • periodically check places where there is water present (e.g., under sinks, around toilets, under the fridge or other appliances)
  • remove any bowls of water for pets before going to bed at night

Attraction #3- Dark Places To Hide

Just because you do not see cockroaches crawling through your house does not mean that they are not there.  Roaches love to hide in dark places and often lurk in the shadows of your house and in certain hiding places outside.

Action:  One of the most important things that you need to do is clean out areas that have not been touched for a while (e.g., under furniture, inside cabinets, in attics).  If you do not have a flashlight, purchase one and use it to locate any cockroaches or egg sacks (yellow in color and the size of your fingernail).

As well as making sure that you periodically deep clean in your house, it is important to check outside for hiding places.  Some of the hiding places that you should eliminate or keep further away from your house include piles of:

  • brush or debris
  • wood (this is one of their favorite hiding places)
  • leaves

In general, tidy up your lawn and throw away any yard waste that could provide a warm home for these pests.

Attraction #4- Warm Environments

If cockroaches are hiding outside in brush or wood piles, as soon as they see an opening to your house (an even warmer environment), they will not hesitate to enter.  A cockroach can get through any holes or cracks that are at least 1/16 of an inch thick (or 1.5 mm), and if they get inside, they will hatch eggs which can lead to a large infestation.

Action:  To make sure that roaches cannot enter, along with making sure that all windows and doors are tightly closed at night, thoroughly inspect your home for any openings in the walls or around doors and windows.  To seal cracks or holes, caulk the opening using a caulking gun or hire an exterminator from a company like Desert Pest Control to do it for you.

After learning about what cockroaches are attracted to, and what makes them choose your residence as their new home over others, you can complete the necessary actions to remove these pests for good!