A Wet Room Is A Bathroom That Will Age With You

Each year, millions of senior Americans fall. The Center for Disease Control (CDC),estimates that 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 fall each year, and the bathroom is one of the primary places that these falls occur. This is often contributed to the wet and slippery conditions, but more often than not the falls are caused by the seniors climbing in and out of the shower or tub.

If you are building, or remodeling a home that you plan to remain in during your golden years, you will want to give careful thought to the design of your bathroom. By designing a wet room, your bathroom will not only be luxurious, but it will be a place that will age gracefully with you while keeping you safe.

What Is A Wet Room?

Quite simply put, a wet room is an open concept bathroom. These are fully tiled bathrooms that have an open shower, or a shower that is open, but positioned behind a wall. The entire area is sealed with a special membrane, which will keep water from leaking through your tile.

The drain is built flush with the rest of the flooring which eliminates shower tray lips, and other edges that can often cause a fall. Various plumbing configurations allow them to be installed in existing flooring, as well as be installed in new baths. They can be built to be as luxurious, or as simple as you want them to be.

What Are The Advantages Of A Wet Room

As already stated wet rooms are senior friendly. Not only will you be eliminating barriers that will help to ensure safety from falling, but by eliminating the barriers, you will be able to access the bathroom with your walker, or even in a wheelchair. Anti-slip tile, or flooring can be installed to make it even safer.

  • They are relatively inexpensive. Work with your plumber, and your contractor to create your design, and they will do the rest. Because you are eliminating some of the costly elements that go into a bath, such as a high end tub, your pricing will reflect such.
  • Wet rooms add value to your home. Prospective home buyers associated these with high end hotels and spas. They will view them as a private retreat.
  • They can make a small space look much larger. The open concept creates a flow of space and luxury throughout the room.
  • They are very stylish, fashionable, and contemporary. The combination of tile, and high gloss fixtures will not be easily dated.
  • Wet rooms are easy to clean. Since the entire space is open, and are usually constructed from some type of tile, you do not have to worry about cleaning all of the nooks and crannies that come with a traditional bath. Spray it down, wipe it down, and you are done.

How To Make It Yours

The beauty of a wet room is that it is fully customizable. You decide what you want.

Tub or no tub - Only you can answer this question. If you have a tub in another location in your home, you may choose to eliminate the tub in your wet room. This will free up space.

Choose your experience - Would you love multiple shower heads, soft lighting, and heated floors? You can have all of that and more.

Customize your tile work - Because it is so open, the walls will represent a blank canvas. Mix and match your tiles to create a custom look that will wow your guests, and that pleases you. The sky is the limit.

When creating your wet room make sure that you click here to find out more and are working with a plumber and contractor who has experience in properly sealing a room. This is not your typical bath. If the sealing is not done right, your room will leak, which will not only cause you frustration, but will cost you money to correct it. Choose the right team to create it, and you will nip this problem in the bud.