3 Safety Solutions For New Parents

Your baby spends 9 long months in the womb and an additional 9 months growing from a stationary newborn to an adventurous crawler. That is plenty of time to childproof your home, right? What's the hurry? In what seems like the blink of an eye, your baby will go from crawling to walking. Then, all bets are off because your baby will soon be running circles around your home at lightning speed. Don't make the mistake of waiting until you a mobile little one on your hands. You'll want to get your home ready long before. Here are a few safety solutions you may not have thought of.  

Install Child Proof Electrical Outlets

As many as 7 children are treated every day in emergency rooms due to injuries from electrical outlets. Many parents purchase plastic plugs that fit into the electrical outlets. While these items can definitely help to keep your little one's fingers out of the electrical sockets in your home, it may be a better idea to swap out your old electrical sockets and replace them with child proof electrical outlets.

These are devices that have a built-in cover that can only open when equal pressure is put on both sides of the mechanism. Opening these special outlets will be more difficult for your little explorer than it will be for him or her to pry out those teeny plastic plugs. Since these devices are hard-wired in, hire an electrician to do the work.

Make Sure the Garage Door Works Safely

Garage doors have been found to have caused serious injuries or death in as many as 85 children. Many of the fatalities and injuries were because the children had gotten trapped underneath the garage doors. There are safety features in the garage door opening systems that are designed to help prevent these types of disasters. However, the garage door safety sensor system may be damaged or the door may not automatically reverse direction when it senses an obstruction.

Sometimes, the garage door may be in need of repair, such as the spring or cable may have broken. These types of faulty parts can cause heavy garage doors to crash down, even if the safety sensor systems are functioning properly. Hire a garage door repair service to thoroughly inspect your garage door, like Plano Overhead Garage Door.

Remove Dangling Cords from Window Treatments

Toddlers are invincible. Or, at least they think they are. Many little ones don't have any fear at all, until they get hurt. They look around for something, anything, to have fun with… including window treatments. Cords that dangle down from window treatments taunt your little one. It's almost as if the cords are telling him or her to, "Swing on me." And, of course, your little one will oblige. Unfortunately, most cords are looped, and this could cause strangulation.

Secure all dangling cords from window treatments. You can purchase metal brackets to screw into wall studs beside each of your windows. Then, you wrap the cords around the brackets so they don't dangle anymore. At the very least, cut the looped cords in your home. Tie a knot at each end so the ends don't get stuck inside the mechanism when you open or close your window treatments.

The bigger your little one gets, the more adventurous he or she will become. You may begin to feel like there is a ticking time bomb walking around your home… and there very well could be. That's why it's important to childproof your home; don't forget to go beyond the basics of baby gates and cabinet latches.