3 Reasons To Have French Doors Installed During Your Home Renovation

As you make choices regarding your home renovation, it can be easy to think about form and forget about function. However, some design components, like French patio doors, can be beautiful while resolving common homeowner frustrations. Here are three reasons that you should consider incorporating French patio doors into your design, and how they can make your life a little easier.

1: Versatility

Nothing is better than a home that can transform to adapt to your needs. One weekend you might have a quiet little dinner for two with your sweetheart, while the next weekend you might decide to throw a summer barbecue for thirty of your closest friends. Unfortunately, some enclosed living spaces can be hard to adjust for large crowds.

The great thing about French doors is that they give you the opportunity to open up your living space quickly. If you want to give your guests easy access to your pool, patio, and kitchen, you can throw your French doors open for the afternoon. Your visitors can eat outside and visit with their friends, and then seek refuge in your living room when they need a little shade. French doors give you the opportunity to transform your living space to accommodate your lifestyle.  

2: Passive Cooling

Believe it or not, Americans spend around 22 billion dollars per year on air conditioning alone. Because nothing is worse than a stuffy, uncomfortable home, people spend big bucks trying to keep their home cool. Unfortunately, most people fail to take advantage of natural passive cooling techniques, like cracking open windows and doors when the sun goes down.

In the old days, people understood the power of passive cooling. Homes were designed with breezeways and screen doors, which allowed wind to quickly pass through homes and replace stuffy air. With the invention of air conditioning, however, people quickly forgot these simple yet effective methods, and starting relying heavily on their AC units.

If you want to save money and let a little fresh air into your home, consider installing French patio doors during your renovation. Many homeowners choose to let air breeze through their open patio doors in the evening, which saves them money on nightly air conditioning. As a matter of fact, studies performed by the Department of Energy have found that passive cooling measures, including ventilation, might reduce your energy costs by as much as 40%.   

French doors give you the opportunity to easily refresh your air, while letting in bright, beautiful light.

3: Moving Day

Are you wondering how you are going to move that huge sectional out of your living room when you move someday? Oftentimes, homeowners assemble big furniture pieces inside of their homes, and then find that they have no way to move items out of their place down the road. One of the best things about having French doors installed is that they can provide a giant amount of clearance into and out of your place.

Instead of worrying about your furniture getting scratched as crews try to navigate through tiny doorways, you can simply swing open those double French doors to create an open entry point. Not only can you keep your carefully collected furniture pieces from being damaged, but your movers might be able to complete the job a little quicker. Instead of spending time finding the best path to the door and squeezing through tight spaces, they can focus on the task at hand and load up those moving trucks. 

In addition to being incredibly useful, French patio doors are also incredibly customizable, so you can incorporate them into the décor of your new home. Click this link for more information.